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Hi Martijn

Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] Re: AW: relying on win32api in
windows supportofzc.zope3recipes


We're just talking about Zope here, and installing Zope into
its own buildout (possibly sharing eggs with another). This
means we don't care much about installing the documentation
anyway, just having the libraries importable so that Zope can
do its work on windows.

Yes, but that's exactly the problem with the buildout

The installation process right now with buildout is
not able to deal with anything which is not a egg and
it's horrible if it comes to 3rd party python library
weher no eggs are available. At least on windows.

Windows compatibility is an important question. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to contribute to it.

However, it's worth noting to clarify this discussion that buildout is being successfully used to install a wide variety of software on *nix systems (I know of Red Hat, Ubuntu, and OS X). This includes software that does not have eggs (such as M2Crypto) and software that does not have much to do directly with Python (such as libxml2 and swig).

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