I'm not too keen on trying to automate this with a Python script. I suggest we start with a human script. I think Philipp has a start at this. Philipp, could you remind us where this is? I suggest we review it and then post it prominately somewhere that people (I) can easily find it. I, for one, promise to read it every time I make a release until I've memorized it.


On Sep 26, 2007, at 9:13 AM, Marius Gedminas wrote:

People make mistakes.  Can we reduce the number/severity of those
mistakes by creating a Python script to automate the release process as
much as possible?  Things like:

- check that the version number in setup.py doesn't match an existing
    release in cheeseshop

  - check whether you have modified but not committed (or unversioned)
    files in the source tree

- check that you've created a tag in subversion for this release (or,
    alternatively, offer to create the tag for you)

- build an egg, install it locally in a temporary directory, then run
    the test suite to check for any missing files or whatever

(a somewhat related idea would be to set up a buildbot to check for new zope-related egg releases and run their test suite in a
        sandbox, to notice breakages and email the guilty parties)

- run the correct setup.py command to build/register/upload the egg to
    cheeseshop and/or www.zope.org

I'd be happy to work on such a script during the sprint, if someone
could help me figure out what exactly it should to do.

Marius Gedminas
If something has not yet gone wrong then it would ultimately have been
beneficial for it to go wrong.
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