Jim Fulton wrote:
I'm not too keen on trying to automate this with a Python script. I suggest we start with a human script.

I agree.

I think Philipp has a start at this.  Philipp, could you remind
us where this is?


I suggest we review it and then post it prominately somewhere that
people (I) can easily find it.

Yes, that would be good. I

I, for one, promise to read it every time I make a release until I've memorized 

It would be good if everybody could use it (as least the section on how to make releases) as a step-by-step procedure every time. I certainly do this now and as far as I remember, back in the one-big-tarball days, we all did using the MakingARelease wiki page.

By the way, I'm planning on spelling out several more things:

* That you should never ever delete a release, even if it's a
  "brown bag" release.

* That setup.py sdist should be run from a **clean** checkout of
  the tag that you just created. That avoids

  - forgetting to tag or tagging the wrong thing (happened to me
    and others)

  - forgetting to clean up the 'build' directory (happened to me
    and my egg contained old stuff that shouldn't have been in there)

  - forgetting to check in files; setuptools will only include package
    data files that are in subversion (happened to me and other people)

* That you should check if the long_description renders as proper
  reStructuredText before you update the PyPI page (reST errors will
  cause the rendering to be all messed up.

Any other suggestions are highly welcome.

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