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Martijn Faassen wrote:
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> Tres Seaver wrote:
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>> I think that replacing 'index_url' with a "gated community" of packages
>> is the only path to sanity here:  the contract of the Cheeseshop (share
>> new releases of all packages with everyone ASAP") is incompatible with
>> our goals ("ensure that users can install a given package and its
>> dependencies, and have them work").
> I already replied to this, but let me point out why I think such a gated 
> community would not be *sufficient* for my purposes.
> I want to be able to release package X, and have a way for other people 
> to install it and it not break, ever. This can be done with hard version 
> numbers in install_requires today, but people object to this reasonably 
> as it would reduce flexibility of component reuse. If we want to have a 
> way to reproduce installations *exactly* and we want to still allow 
> flexibility, a gated community while hopefully increasing the quality of 
> individual releases still won't guarantee that package X won't break 
> when someone else tries to install it.

If package 'X' points its 'index_url' to the GC, then anybody trying to
install 'X' will look up / pull dependences from the GC:  that setting
takes the Cheeseshop completely out of play.

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