On 9/27/07, Brian Sutherland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> There is one I thought of, but it's a bit backwards.
> Essentially, Debian has a repository of mostly unmodified original egg
> tarballs. And, they've already done the hard work of maintaining sane
> dependencies.
> So, why not simply re-name the .orig.tar.gz in a Debian release
> repository to their original names and you have a working set
> corresponding to that release.
> If you add your selected personal working set, then you have a basis for
> working without bleeding.

Does it contain the Zope 3.4 eggs?  Will it have Zope 3.5 eggs when we
need them? I think if we're going to manage our own gated community,
it'll be something we need to do ourselves. I just see the need for 1
per release of piece of software (grok 0.10, grok 0.11, etc), and only
a vague idea how frameworks would work (I want to use the Foo gated
community which also uses the Grok gated community) so I must be
missing something.


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