[eggs in debian]

Okay, I can see this as an additional, more stably maintained resource
of eggs than the cheeseshop. That might indeed be helpful.

> Now, how would you use the Grok gated community with the sqlalchemy
> gated community if they had common dependencies, and those dependencies
> were at different versions in the two communities?

I don't know. :) I don't know how a gated community is supposed to work.

> Of course, you could make one _very_ large gated community and "freeze"
> it as a release every now and then. Er, basically the same as what
> distros are doing, hopefully making their life much easier;)

One of the issues is that it doesn't solve my problem if you just have
a big one. You'd need a gated community per *version* of Grok in order
to make sure no newer eggs sneak into the project after release.


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