Martijn Faassen wrote at 2007-9-26 22:13 +0200:
> ...
>I am the one who wants to have 
>the final say in what versions of packages. I want to use.
>A linux 
>distributor needs to have one working set of packages, instead.

He may have one set of packages -- but he knows that not all
of them work together. Moreover the set changes over time -- because
new versions are released -- and finally the downloader is the one
who has control over what he really installs on its local machine.
Maybe, that's the equivalent to "I am the one with the final say".

> ...
>We have a situation where we have developers, not maintainers, uploading 
>new versions of packages. There will be no integrated testing done for 
>all software built on all packages in the cheeseshop. Again, I can see 
>similarities, but I don't believe linux distributions have *exactly* our 
>problems solved. Our buildouts are used as development environments, not 
>  only deployment environments.

Yes, we have less control over what is released on PyPI than a Linux
But, you have control over what components your project depends on -- and
you can select components based on underlying release care.
Okay, you can also fix the dependency and thus skip careless releases...

>Sticking to stable versions helps, until a new stable version is 
>released. Then all the old stuff suddenly starts using the *new* stable 
>version, and probably break.

You must have far worse experiences than I have.
My components usually work across many releases with
only very rare need to intervene (Five twice broke one of my
products; I think that almost was it).

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