Dominik Huber wrote:
It would be great, if we could handle other adaption-derivations by the proposed unified, reasonable adaption-api too.
[snip interesting proposal]

Okay, so there seems to be quite a bit of consensus for *some* form of support for this. I've seen a number of proposals which to me look quite reasonable.

Since Jim doesn't like this much but there seems to be a lot of support from others, we could investigate whether we can't come up with something that:

* doesn't break the existing notation. The cleanest way to support such non-interference seems to be to do this using an extra .adapt method. This is unfortunate, as I at least consider it prettier if it used the IFoo() syntax (even though I proposed .adapt).

* creates a small a new hook inside zope.interface to support this

* can be plugged in by an optional extension, like zope.interfacextended

* implements the proposed new features. I like the idea of also allowing utility lookup through the same mechanism.

The goal is to support this notation in applications. Of course, as soon as a library or framework starts to depend on this extension Jim will run into it if he starts to use them, but that happens in all kinds of ways otherwise anyway.

So, any volunteers to try to implement this?



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