Another point of feedback:

I saw Stephan's mail on a (partially new) toolchain and somewhat extensive workflow on using it. I'm a bit surprised a toolchain is necessary and that the workflow is so involved. With Grok's approach using extends in buildout, we can just publish such a list on a dumb website without any tools whatsoever.

Since you're effectively mirroring the cheeseshop anyway, why not rely on the cheeseshop entirely and just publish the version lists? Could someone point out the benefits of this approach over just publishing versions? The one I can think of is that you can potentially retain packages that were for some reason removed from the cheeseshop, but even that is theoretical right now, right? As far as I understand, the buildout versions list approach would allow one to combine lists together as well, a feature lacking in the current approach.

I'm glad to see the effort to run tests over the lists of packages. This was something missing from our Grok story and one that I was worried about.



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