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Stephan Richter wrote:
2. How many packages should be controlled in this index? I think we should definitely add packages from z3c and the zc namespace.

What is the motivation to include non-controlled packages? I suppose it is to let people use those packages with (in this case) Zope 3.4.


What if someone wants Zope 3.4 and Twisted version X and Plone version Y (just making those up).

That's why the KGS index is a PyPI mirror of all uncontrolled packages.

Perhaps we need a way to refer to several KGS when constructing an application. Or is one KGS supposed to define a "universe" of packages known to work together. If so, I would think there would be no place for non-controlled packages.

The semantics I think we want are kind of tricky. A KGS index needs to be authoritative for the projects it controls. If we looked in multiple KGSs, there would need to be semantics for deciding which was authoritative. setuptools lets you define a single index and multiple find-link servers. The highest version found on any server is authoritative. I think supporting multiple KGSs with the right semantics would be useful, but there isn't a way to do it in setuptools. We can achieve the same effect on the server. For example, with this software, you could chain several KGSs together.


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