I'm glad some steps are taken!

What I really don't like about this proposal is that it talks about updating index pages. If I understand this right, an updated index page will force everybody that uses this index page into an update. I don't think this is acceptable. Instead I'd suggest you institute a rule that index pages should never be changed after initial publication, just like eggs shouldn't be changed after publication either. Instead, a new index page should be published for each update. People can then choose to switch whenever they like.

My main suggestion is to not forget that this needs to be clearly documented and the document describing which steps to take should be published.

My main worry is that I don't like maintaining dependency lists on remote servers somewhere. My intuition is that we should maintain these lists close to the actual software. With grok we're managing this list now as a versions.cfg in subversion. Anyway, this is just a worry, and we'll have to see how this pans out.

We've gone another direction with the Grok project this week, where we publish a versions.cfg on the web that gets included in a buildout.cfg. This approach was based on suggestions by yourself to me, and had been discussed by Philipp on the mailing list earlier, but apparently the choice was made to go for index pages instead.

So, it's a bit of a shame this extensive work will now be made mostly redundant by these new efforts. Anyway, we'll be using this for a while at least and we'll wait and see how this new works pans out.



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