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Hi Andreas

What do you man by "two development paradigms"?

Please don't build a wall between Zope 2 and Zope 3
developers. Most "old-school" Zope 2 developers are doing
development also with Zope 3 components and Zope 3
techniques. Look at Plone 3.0 and its heavy usage of Zope 3
techniques...impressing. The Zope 3 development paradigms are
highly accepted by most Zope 2 core developers...we are all
sitting in the same boat. There is a fundamental difference
in the Zope 2 and Zope 3 architecture but little difference
between the paradigms how we should design and write software
on top of the Zope platform in the future.

The distinction between Zope 2 and Zope 3 must disappear. We
must speak of "Zope". Everything else is counterproductive
when it comes to promoting Zope. There is only one Zope
developer community and most of us have a Zope
2 and a Zope 3 hat on (others have a CMF or a Plone head). An
artificial separation between Zope 2 and Zope 3 developers is
undesirable in my opinion.

You are using 7 times the term "Zope2" and 9 times "Zope 3"
and also "Plone 3.0" in this small text. Can you try to describe
this without "2 or 3" in "Zope *"? I guess not, right?

s/Zope 2/Zope application server
s/Zope 3/Zope components

I really don't care about how it is called, but I'm sure we
need some naming convention and since we have one, I don't see
any reason to change this.

As said: there was a big discussion on the terms "Zope 2" and
"Zope 3" during the last DZUG conference. Bringing it to the point:
the terms "zope 2" and "zope 3" should die. There's only 'Zope'.

You also use the term "Plone 3.0" which you implie that we
know that you mean the Plone which uses Zope 3 components ?

You are respecting the postifx 3.0 in the Plone world but
not for Zope? why?

Plone is an application but not a framework. Plone does not have
an identify crisis as Zope.

I'm a little confused and don't understand why you are lobbing
for such a renaming and at the same time you are using this
terms so heavy.

Why? There are much, much more applications deployed on top of the Zope application server than on top of the Zope component architecture. There is a huge installation of Plone site on top of the Zope app server and now the Zope component framework. Although you are a Zope component-only developer you can not ignore the dependent applications and framework. The Zope application server core team is always in communication with the CMF and Plone teams (we play nicely together (mostly)) and I do expect the same within the Zope world. The merging of the lists is just one multiple steps for bringing the two side together.


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