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Hi Andreas. Let me say I see the development paradigms as being the
following without prejudice to any application that depends upon zope 3.
Respectfully, no one is building walls. my contribution to the discussion
is not about isolating folks but of the reality of the software

zope 3 - an open framework - no borders, no boundaries - write and think
as a python programmer. In essence zope 3 is is a framework without a
frame. This fact that exists in this form gives it its elegance and
power. It does not need to be an application and is more interesting when
it is not.

zope 2 - an application tied strongly the cmf with the notion of a cms as
the app. It is self contained and it is able to absorb zope 3 packages
and technologies. I see plone as an application layer build on top of the
zope 2 application.

We don't need to start a discussion about the architecture. Both versions have a different history and a different architecture but they serve basically the same purpose: building web apps in the first place.
And both versions play nicely together. I assume there are currently
much more Zope 2 developers or Zope 2 developers also developing with Zope 3 than pure Zope 3 developers...so it is basically having the pure Zope 3 developers together with all other Zope developers. It would be dangerous to split up both parties. Zope 2 developers need to know what's going on in Zope 3 _and_ vis-versa. The initial argument about more email traffic on a common list is only a spurious argument. Both -dev lists mostly contain posting with reasonable subjects....scanning some more mails per day really is not an issue. I am also subscribed to the zope3-dev list and I am not reading everything but at least watching the list gives me an impression
about current discussions and current issues that might be of interest
for the Zope 2 world.


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