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Soon, we will change Grok so that it emits configuration
actions, rather than doing the registrations right away. That
way, you will still be able to inspect what exactly Grok is
doing (for example by dumping all configuration actions
before or instead of executing them), but you won't have to
deal with ZCML anymore. You will also be able to use the
overrides mechanism with them.

I don't know much about grok. But this sounds interesting.

Does grok support a component architecture where I can
use some components from or is grok a "use it all or nothing

Currently Grok has tendencies of an "all-or-nothing" approach, but we're working on separating it to different packages. In the future, if you just want to register adapters and utilities using the Grok way, but don't want Grok's security policy or publication, you won't have to load all of Grok.

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