Hi Uwe. I have been thinking of something similar and posted on the list a couple of weeks back:


I want the zcml to be generated with a switch on zc.buildout so all configuration is auto generated. Currently site.zcml is done this way and I want to extend this to the class level. Recipe's would be produced to handle different types of configuration by providing the decorator methods.

I'm hoping to use decorators exclusively on the classes to do this so there would be no need to modify the code in the classes themselves to accomplish the configuration. Further, classes without this decoration would be skipped by the process allowing this approach to be incorporated into your code gradually. I want to be able to see and verify the zcml produced and have the same control over it that I have now.

The advantage of having it in buildout is that it becomes integrated into the development of the application, which is by nature just the configuration glue for your packages.

Uwe, is there a chance your package can be zpl'd since I believe bebop is gpl and this is fairly low level code that could be a great plus for general z3 development. At the very least I'd like a zpl'd package to handle configuration this way or to borrow from your efforts to move forward with this idea.


Uwe Oestermeier wrote:
Oliver Marx <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I have looked at Grok. I love the ideas. But it feels like its a little too much convention over configuration. I do not hate zcml. I hate to write zcml. If there was a way to auto generate zcml and way to overwrite that zcml when needed - then I would be a happy man.

Have a look at bebop.protocol  in PyPI. It's still a preminary version but
it does exactly what you want.


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