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Simon Forster  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Apologies for delay on reply - been away for 10 days.

I downloaded and installed Apple's latest Xcode Tools 2.1 prior to
the attempted compilation. From the documentation, this appears to
install GCC 4.0 and/or GCC 3.3. I'm guessing that the problems
cropped up with Apple's GCC 4.0 implementation.

Workaround was simple: compile on a machine running an earlier
version of Xcode Tools and then copy across the binaries.

You can switch witch version of GCC is used for compilation using

FWIW, I've been building and running Zope 3 on Tiger, using gcc 4.0, since a few days after Tiger's release.

I use (non-framework) Pythons (2.4.1) built from source. My hunch, that could easily be wrong, is that you were trying to compile Zope 3 with gcc 4, and your Python was compiled with gcc 3.3. I got into a bit of trouble with that at one point, I seem to recall.

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