[Tim Cook]
>>> Installing Zope-3.1.0b1 on Fedora Core 4
>>> gcc (GCC) 4.0.0 20050519 (Red Hat 4.0.0-8)

[and problems with "make check"]

[Tim Cook]
> I finally had a chance to look at this again.  The original results are
> attached in a text file.  The problem is that there are several source
> files that end in .p instead of .py.
> My first clue was the first lines that said these tests weren't
> packages.  I thought someone just forgot the init files.  Nope, they
> were there, just missing a y in the filename.
> There are also misnamed .html and .stx files.  Same problem, dropped
> last character.
> I checked the archive (Zope-3.1.0b1.tgz) and the files are misnamed in
> there.
> Obviously someone needs to create a new Linux distribution, eh! <g>

Nope, because nobody else has reported this.  What are the odds that
you're the only one who has used the tarball?  I don't know, but
they're not high <wink>.

I don't know how the tarball was built originally, but I built the
Windows installers _from_ the tarball and had no problems.  I imagine
it was built with GNU tar, and that has a history of creating problems
(due to GNU extensions) for other tar implementations.  Did you use
GNU tar to unpack it?  If not, try that.  Or perhaps you got a corrupt
download (did you check the MD5 against the one listed?).

As a check, I just downloaded the tarball fresh from


to a Linux box, and used its tar to unpack it:

$ tar --version
tar (GNU tar) 1.13.25

$ tar xvzf Zope-3.1.0b1.tgz
... [lots of output] ...

$ find Zope-3.1.0b1 -name "*.py" | wc -l
$ find Zope-3.1.0b1 -name "*.p"

That is, there are no .p files.  You didn't give enough info about the
other badly named files for me to check, but I doubt I'd find any
other damage here either.  I went on to do ./configure, make, and
`make check` without problems:

$ make check
/usr/local/bin/python install.py -q build
/usr/local/bin/python test.py -v
Running UNIT tests at level 1
Running UNIT tests from /home/tim/Zope-3.1.0b1/build/lib.linux-i686-2.3
[lots of dots]
Ran 6831 tests in 236.672s

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