Johan Carlsson wrote:

Ok, so far I figured out the following:

1. Resources gets registered as adapters in the Global Site Manager.
2. The adapter is registerd to adapt from the current layer interface (defaults to IDefaultBrowserLayer) to the Interface interface (strange, why is that so I wounder?)

The browser request gets directly marked by a skin interface.This is done by the http publication request factory: ( ->

Afterward the specific adapters such as views get invoked, because you register those to a dedicated request interface using the layer attribute. Attention they get looked up via the regular default-adapter mechansim and not as named adapters.

IMO you can register only a specific IDefaultSkin adapter to a site marked for example as ISkinableSite:

   factory='.adapter_that_offers_a_skin_interface_selected_by_the_user' />

Within this adapter you can invoke the user preferences or something else.


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