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Andreas Jung wrote:
A quote from Philipp: """Everything that deals with a the request object
should be a view (or browser view)""" This means your approach is wrong.
Make clear separation between your core implementation which should not

Yes, I know, I'm horribly, horribly, horribly wrong. And one day I'll be
punished severely for my crimes against modern MVC patterns... But.... i
*could* implement my entire app as a browser view...? (-;

If you think in such patterns then you should stick with Zope 2 or use PHP.

(If of course I knew actually how to even hook up a class as a browser

This is documented in the Z3 tutorial, Philipp's book, the Z3 cookbook...

In invoking "Phillip" are you referring to the book "Web Component
Development with Zope 3"?

Not to the book but to the same person. That's a quote from  this talk
at the Plone conf some days ago.


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