Yes, it more a daemon configuration question. I'll check out daemontools, thanks. In Zope 2 there is this setting called effective_user (in zope.conf). It allows the admin to configure a username or guid of a user. The zope server process will then run with this users rights.

By the way. Is Zope 3 considered to be a stable release to be used for productive enviroment? I understand it is a stable release (at least it's what it is called at zope.org), but development does not seem to be finished? Or in other terms, shall I develop new applications with Zope3 or stick to Zope2 for another couple of month?

Thanks for your help

Stephan Richter wrote:

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 05:31, Tim Harder wrote:
As subject tells, I am looking for the place to configure the
effective_user (as the option I am looking for was called in zope2.conf).
Sorry if this question seems to be dumb, but I do not understand the
logic hidden in the etc directory. Is there maybe a nice article (or man
page) about how to set up Zope3 properly?

What is an "effective user"? We certain do not have anything of this sorts in Zope 3 yet.


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