On Tuesday 18 October 2005 09:20, Tim Harder wrote:
> By the way. Is Zope 3 considered to be a stable release to be used for
> productive enviroment? 

Zope 3 is used in several larger production sites already. Public applications 
include Launchpad, SchoolTool and Tiks. But there are several custom 
solutions written too.

> I understand it is a stable release (at least 
> it's what it is called at zope.org), but development does not seem to be
> finished?

The development of Zope 3 will probably never be done. We will always enhance 
Zope 3 to our needs.

> Or in other terms, shall I develop new applications with Zope3 or stick
> to Zope2 for another couple of month?

If you have the choice, I would definitely go with Zope 3.

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
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