On 10/18/05, Duncan McGreggor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think he's not actually asking a z3 question, but rather a
> daemon/process management question.
> Tim, I always use daemontools with runzope. Among many other features,
> deamontools also provides you with ability to set the user/ownership of
> the daemonized process.

Either daemontools or the zopectl provided with Zope; either can do the job.

What Zope 2 provided was a way to control the effective user in the
Zope process, which allowed binding to low-numbered ports and then
continuing the process as a user other than root.  This is not yet
provided directly in Zope 3; the process needs to use a high-numbered
port to run as a non-root user.

We generally do not run Zope as root, and use Squid or Apache as a
front-end, so Zope doesn't actually need to bind to low-numbered
ports.  We may add the feature in the future, but it isn't planned for
Zope 3.2 as far as I'm aware.


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