Jim Fulton wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:

On Wednesday 26 October 2005 16:26, Jim Fulton wrote:

AssertionError: spawned process failed to start in a minute

Is this serious? How could I get this test to pass?

Don't run the tests as root.

I see this error sporatically using a non-root user as well. I just never worry about it. :-)

Right.  This is not what I thought it was.

This is something that I diagnosed and thought I fixed
a few weeks ago.

I'll look at it.

OK, Tim helped me remember what was going on with this.

I predict you can make this test pass by setting the execute bit on
the script donothing.sh in zdaemon/tests in the installation.
This test is trying to execute this script and can't because the
execute bits got cleared in the release process.

The test really should be rewritten to write the shell script itself
and set the permissions to whatever it wants.


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