Hi again,

The ComponentLookupError have re appeared!

> Error type: zope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError
> Error object: (<InterfaceClass zope.app.intid.interfaces.IIntIds>, '')

What happend was that I had a IntId utitlity in the root site (renamed to '') that answered the request when I added the Indexes in a sub site.

So the question is how do I rename the IntId utility programmatically
or why doesn't the following code ad a utility (maybe it's not
registered correctly to be use right after it's been added but needs
some events to trigger first???

First I do this:

        intids = IntIds()
        tools['intid'] = intids

#I thought this was equal to rename the intid-util to ''!?
        intids_reg = UtilityRegistration('', IIntIds, intids)

        intids_reg.status = ActiveStatus

Right after that I do this:

        catalog = Catalog()
for index_name, index_attribute, idx_if, attr_call, index_type in indexes:
            idx = index_type(index_attribute, idx_if, attr_call)
            catalog[index_name] = idx
        tools['catalog'] = catalog
        catalog_reg = UtilityRegistration('catalog', ICatalog, catalog)
        catalog_reg.status = ActiveStatus

This is all called from an event handler, like Dominik pointed out I should do it.

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