Martijn Faassen wrote:
Johan Carlsson wrote:

Anyone had any success with ZCatalog in Zope 3?

Sure. I'm not sure what the problem is but I see you get a lot of replies. We (Infrae) certainly got it working without having to patch anything.

Um, the setup code we use it something like:

def _registerUtility(context, class_, interface, name=u''):
    if not name:
        cname = class_.__name__
        cname = name
    if name and name in context:
        raise ValueError, u'Utility %s already registered!' % name
    utility = class_()
    context[cname] = utility
    registration = UtilityRegistration(name, interface, utility)
    key = context.registrationManager.addRegistration(registration)
    zapi.traverse(context.registrationManager, key).status =  ActiveStatus
    return utility

in setup code...

    from import IIntIds
    from import ICatalog
    from import IntIds
    from import Catalog

    _registerUtility(default, IntIds, IIntIds)
    _registerUtility(default, Catalog, ICatalog, u'my_catalog')

and then to make indexes registered, something like:

    from import zapi
    from import FieldIndex

    catalog = zapi.getUtility(ICatalog, u'my_catalog')
    catalog['something'] = FieldIndex('something', ISomeInterface)

_registerUtility is rather messy but it works..

Thanks Martijn,
From a quick glans at your code the notisable difference is
that I don't call zapi.getUtility(ICatalog, u'my_catalog') to get the
catalog, that just might do the trick. (I jsut grab the catalog from the container: c['catalog'].
I'll let you know when I get a chance to test it.

Does you code for adding catalogs and adding fields get called
in the same request?
Mine does, it gets called right after each other, and I'm thinking
in the lines of that there is something that doesn't get setup in
the correct order, which is why I think getUtility might work better.

Anyway, once you do get the catalog working, you may want to check out hurry.query, which makes querying the Zope 3 catalog a lot easier (in my opinion):

I'll check it out :-)


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