Florent Guillaume wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:

Well, I wouldn't say the people I know "can't get past" ZCML. They're smart, and learning an XML schema is not a big effort. However, for someone coming from Java frameworks, yet another XML format is a big mark against Zope, making RoR and other frameworks much more attractive.

People are attracted to PHP too. I won't lose sleep over that.

You're speaking in generality, but I'm not. I'd like to convince about 10 people that they should use Zope 3 instead of RoR.

Time and again people fail to realize that Zope 3 wants to create the low level framework right first, and only after that add high level simplifications and shortcuts to have less configuration and provide fastest developer exeperience.

Of course people aren't attracted to Zope 3 yet because they feel it's complex. And there's a reason: it *is* complex. For now.

So you don't think anyone but hard core Pythonistas should use Zope 3 yet?

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