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On Thursday 05 January 2006 08:28, Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
PS: note that "viewlets" are known outside the Zope3 world as being
small tutorial movies:

Viewlets in our case are a wordplay on the term "view", because they are sub-views or view fragments. In any case, the meaning of viewlets in both settings is very different and thus hard to confuse.

I wonder why "portlets" are called "viewlets" in Zope3.

Because viewlets do not fulfill all the requirements of a portlet. Portlets have to provide very specific user interactions, which viewlets do not promise. For example, portlets must be able to be minimized, selectively be removed, be fully self-contained and sharable across servers.

The reason we should not use the term portlet lightly is because we are working in the same industry, Content Management. People from the Java world have (rightfully) very specific expectations of portlets.


Yes, portlets that implement JSR-168 must be able to be minimized, others don't since they don't implement the specification.

"Portlets are reusable Web components that display relevant information to portal users."

this definition is simple enough that anyone can relate to it. But there's a sense of confusion that arises from inventing new words for API reasons. Namespaces are sufficient for that, I think when used as adjectives:


why invent a new word? these are just different specifications / implementation of a same thing.



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