On Thu February 2 2006 16:05, Stephan Richter wrote:

> Yeah, but honestly I don't care. If people choose a technology on name
> recognition and not on technical merit, then it is their bad. However, I
> question the RoR hype. I wonder whether big companies seriously
> considering it; it has absolutely no track record. Zope 2 (and even 3) on
> the other hand is deployed on many huge sites and the risk of deploying it
> is low. Even deploying Zope 3 is a smaller risk than RoR.

It's hard to choose Zope 3 based on technical merit when it's not well-known 
that it's so different than the Zope 2 merits they've already decided they 
didn't like.

I've been using Zope since 1998, mostly because I loved Python programming 
and it just fit me.  I was excited to see Zope 3 in the works a few years 
ago, but frankly I didn't understand half of what the developers were 
talking about when they discussed what it was going to look like; it was 
over my head (and still is a bit), but I could tell it would be a different 
beast.  I figured I'd wait and see and happily continue using Zope 2.

Today, I see the mess that a Zope 2 site can turn in to, so I started looking 
at Zope 3 again.  The release announcements say it's ready for production 
use, but the website has no promotion of it whatsoever.  You have to dig 
several levels deep to see any mention that it's not just a new version of 
Zope.  The downloads page makes it look like nothing more than an upgrade 
and the one Zope 3 link under Developers says the wiki is for Zope 3 
development itself, not for those that want to use it.  I do have Richter's 
book (thank you, Stephan) and Philipp's book is on its way, but I'm having 
trouble finding any material online that isn't a hodge-podge of years old 
development notes.

I know Zope 3 is young, but this surprises me.  I would think ZC would at 
least want to mention their new production-ready killer app on the front 
page, and perhaps include *something* in the "What is Zope?" page.  But 
there's not one word about Zope 3's new technical merits.

There must be a good reason for this.  I know they didn't spend all this time 
building a great open source product for members-only.  The only thing I can 
think of is that perhaps they don't want to promote it while Zope 2 product 
compatibility isn't there yet.  With so many nice Zope 2 products around, I 
can see new users getting frustrated that none of them work in Zope 3.  Once 
some major Zope 2 products work in Zope 3, maybe things will change.

At any rate, I look forward to learning about Zope 3.  I hope it's as fun (or 
more) to work with as Zope 2 has been.

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