Ron Bickers wrote:
Today, I see the mess that a Zope 2 site can turn in to, so I started looking at Zope 3 again. The release announcements say it's ready for production use, but the website has no promotion of it whatsoever. You have to dig several levels deep to see any mention that it's not just a new version of Zope. The downloads page makes it look like nothing more than an upgrade and the one Zope 3 link under Developers says the wiki is for Zope 3 development itself, not for those that want to use it. I do have Richter's book (thank you, Stephan) and Philipp's book is on its way, but I'm having trouble finding any material online that isn't a hodge-podge of years old development notes.

To continue your rant, I think most people expect production-ready software to have a large support network around it. There's certainly commercial support for Zope 3, but that doesn't count, because the claim that Zope 3 is production-ready is made in reference to only the open source software, not commercial add-ons. So I think it's misleading to call Zope 3 production-ready until we organize better.

I can't help but think the first step to making Zope 3 truly production-ready is to put together a pretty web site about Zope 3. It shouldn't make many references to Zope 2. It should have a "Zero to Zope 3 in Ten Minutes" article. It should have a link to online API docs. Its primary focus should be on attracting new people.

Whoever designs such a site needs good design skills and thick skin. It can't be designed by committee, but the designer should solicit feedback. (Now, I don't have a lot of design skill, but I have noticed that every revision of has chosen most of its colors from a palette of black, white, and blue. My web log suffers the same malady! I've also noticed recently that most attractive web sites choose two fairly saturated colors and balance and vary them.)

There must be a good reason for this. I know they didn't spend all this time building a great open source product for members-only. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps they don't want to promote it while Zope 2 product compatibility isn't there yet. With so many nice Zope 2 products around, I can see new users getting frustrated that none of them work in Zope 3. Once some major Zope 2 products work in Zope 3, maybe things will change.

It's probably in ZC's best interest to wait for Zope 2 compatibility before promoting Zope 3 heavily, since ZC has a lot of Zope 2 customers. But it's in the Zope community's best interest to promote Zope 3 right now, while the competition is heating up.

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