This is an interesting thread.  Some opinions and observations:

Guido will do what Guido does. His seeming antagonism to Zope is a little annoying, but he's opinionated on other topics too, and sometimes admits to being wrong and human. As some folks mentioned, it does sound like he maybe wants something simpler and more constrained in scope than Zope 3. Maybe Jim's Bobo would be it, or maybe someone else will be able to assemble some Zope 3 bits into a small approachable kit.

I am hopeful that Zope 3 will continue strong whether it has huge buzz or not, as Stephan, Kevin, Joel and maybe others said.

However, I agree with Joel, Martin, and others that buzz and community would undeniably be helpful. I can even conceive of it being absolutely essential: sadly, trusting on merit alone is a scary and probably naive road. I truly wish we could get the word out about Zope 3.

The Zope development companies (such as ZC) are probably only a limited resource: they are making money on Zope, sometimes without their clients knowing or caring that Zope is the tool behind the software. The companies are already often contributing significantly to the development of Zope 3 and/or of an open- or mixed-source platform, and simply don't have too many other further resources to give. I appreciated what Martin said:
Note that I'm not saying that the same people who produce the code (and great code it is, which is why I care so much about this) should be doing this. In fact, the Plone experience tells us they probably shouldn't. But *someone* ought to[...]

The Zope Foundation, which is probably coming pretty darn soon, might help catalyze contributors a bit. It will own the domain, the domain, and probably lots more, and all of the software.

But before or after the foundation, I think small steps are more likely to succeed than grand plans. Someone writing an impressive brochure-ware site about Zope 3 is going to be easier and more impressive than trying to get folks to agree on a grand Zope 3 software site. Someone assembling some of the word-smithing in this thread might even generate a simple impressive advocacy *page* that could be linked to from the front of I thought Joel's post had some ring to it, for instance. Whether or not we have a "Zope 3: Rebel Angel" rename :-), it would be great to see Joel or Martin or someone step up to put some advocacy out there. If I can help with trying to figure out who to ask for what, let me know.

Again, ZC is *giving the site away to the new Zope Foundation*: it will be up to community members and corporate members together to make the site the compelling sales pitch and welcoming documentation that it could be.

Just make *small* steps. :-)

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