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Having said that, I feel very strongly that built Zope version 3 and nothing
more or less. And I feel that a name change would betray me and my

Well, Joel didn't suggest a name change, he suggested adding a codename to signify that there was something new and exciting, over and beyond Zope 2 and all the stigma attached to it, and spend a bit of time letting the world know that there is a wonderful new framework that has a lot going for it, and you should consider it. I don't see how this could possibly betray anything, and I think the Zope community would have a lot to gain from a little more buzz outside its own confines.

You seem to refactor the code all the time, why are you so resitant to refactoring the brand just a little? :-)

Not calling it Zope would be a mistake, but how about adding a qualifier to the name. Like microsoft did with Windows "NT"

eg. Zope DR aka "Zope Done Right"

The difference between Z2 and Z3 is really so great that it is not just an upgrade of the same technology.


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