Hi Pete,
Thanks for your work on the Workflow for 3.1, which I feel unable to extend
for 3.2 at my present level of understanding.  You ask whether I had a
process definition before the process instance: the ZMI now bears little
resemblance to the book's suggested steps, so I clicked each of
publish-message and ContentWorkflows in the default folder and activated
each with the same respective name as shown in the default folder.
Stephan: I am sure you are aware that the deprecation of services may make
the book impossibly difficult for future newbies under Zope 3.3.  As you
have not tweaked the files and online text for versions 3.1 and 3.2, then
perhaps you might consider withdrawing your book from publication in the
hardcopy form, for which I paid A$74.95, as it is somewhat misleading to
hold out that it is suitable for self-learning?

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I apologize, but I haven't had time to look at workflow to see what
breaks with 3.2...  afaik, 3.1 worked, inasmuch as the tests worked
and I didn't have any problems installing/using it...  just out of
curiosity, do you have a process definition already defined before you
attempt to create the process instance?

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