Alen Stanisic wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 07:52 -0600, Andreas Jung wrote:
>> --On 26. Februar 2006 00:04:39 +1100 Alen Stanisic 
>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> what would be the best way of taking a backup of persistent objects
>>> inside Data.fs with possibility to rebuild it on a fresh Zope 3 install
>>> in case of a disaster recovery lets say.
>> Just backup the Data.fs file.
> For some reason it doesn't feel completely safe just relying on Data.fs.
> Maybe I am thinking too much in rdb land and transaction logging where
> you could rebuild your db from the logs.
> Alen

I once felt like this... But I've learned to stop worrying and love the
ZODB :-)

I can recommend looking into the very useful which ships as
part of ZODB tools - at least in all the Zope-2 series (afaik). Its
invaluable for making incremental backups of your Data.fs as it grows.
(There are some issues about copying the Data.fs out of a running zope

I don't have a production application in deployed with Zope3 (yet), but
a quick 'tree' informs me that isn't shipped with Zope-3.2.
Can anyone tell me why not?


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