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> > --On 26. Februar 2006 01:52:29 +1100 Alen Stanisic
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> > > For some reason it doesn't feel completely safe just relying on
> Data.fs.
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> > That means what? Why shouln't it be safe...please come up with some
> > reasonable arguments..
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> > -aj
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> I did mention that it could be because most rdb systems have a
> and also keep transaction logs.  In case of a failure you put the
> backup of the db and transaction logs together and you could rebuild
> your db to the point just before the failure.  If you only had a daily
> back up of your db you could potentially lose a full day of
> transactions.
One could also mention failover: if one computer with Data.fs goes down,
you're down, period; whereas many RDBMSes support keeping slave copies
of the database, which are then available.

Also, there are ACID transactions (see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACID) in a good RDBMS. I don't know how
zodb ensures consistency if there are multiple concurrent users, and can
we rollback gracefully?

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