I'll happily work with people to do some work on a simple calendar tool, provided that there are 1-2 people who are willing to also put some work in on it -- and others are willing to crtique it.

Why the calendar of all these. Here are the main reasons (I started with 2 reasons, it grew):

1) The business logic is more involved than simple validation, which is what I see in the examples supplied.

2) Appointments change! Unlike photos, filesystem browsers &c. This means we need update logic -- which is lacking from hello world examples.

3) A calendar is something concrete which someone can easily understand the underlying data models

4) Some interesting but useful views can be produced (eg, PDF views, excel listings, iCal views, RSS representations (?) )

5) It is something I would find useful, and hopefully others would too. The best thing about examples is when they are real world examples that are used.

Would anyone like to work with me on this?


Roman Susi wrote:
ksmith99 wrote:
I would add ZPT, skins and increasingly formlib to the list of things to
learn. +1 on demos vs. tutorials. A good working demo functions as both a
tutorial and a testimonial.
I think right off the bat, the bookmarker app should be incrementally
expanded. Evolving the app *is* the power of Zope3.
Other apps that start off easy but can grow increasinly complex fast.
 * blog
 * wiki

Wiki is already there (ZWiki ported to Zope3). Hard to call it demo, but
 worth looking into. Other candidates:
 * photo (media) album
 * bug tracker
 * shoping basket (pluggable)
 * simple library system
 * web calendar
 * guest book
 * calculator
 * chat
 * poll
 * FAQ management
 * forum

I've been wanting to put together a Concept Map companion to the Bookmarker
tutorial. If anyone is interested in helping out please give me a buzz, and
I'll setup a collaborative concept map.

Roman Suzi

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