Jeff Shell wrote:
> - Zope 3 CA: The Zope Component Architecture. Core services. Would
>   include zope.publisher and most other current top level zope.* things.
>   Usable as a library, as a publisher for other environments, perhaps as a
>   simple standalone server. Easy to deploy against WSGI, Paste.deploy,
>   whatever.
> - Zope 3 AS: The Zope 3 Application Server. A Zope 3 CA stack using the
>   ZODB, ILocation, and most of the services but without any content
>   objects. Perhaps only an application server configuration skin (process
>   management) but no ZMI. Maybe have the current configuration installable as
>   an option.
> - Zope Suite (or Zope Web or Zope DE): This is the full "application server"
>   perhaps Jim is envisioning. A comprehensive web based user interface, based
>   on features (and implementations) of both Zope 2 and Zope 3 application
>   servers and offerings.

Zope 3 CA, Zope 3 AS: good.

Zope Suite: moderately bad.

Zope 3 ECM (currently known as Z3ECM): good ;)

Zed/The Component Architecture Formerlyknown as Zope/GoldEgg/whatever
that's not called Zope something: YUCK!

(Who's Zed? Zed's dead, baby!)


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