Marko Mikulicic wrote:

On 02.03.2006., at 12:41, Peter Bengtsson wrote:

I'm with Max on this one.

What's the point? To save a few megabytes of harddisk space?
If you don't want the zope.bobo part of your zope3, ignore it. You
don't have to use it if you don't want to.

not sure of what to think about this vision but the idea may be seen from a naming and documentation stand point. I don't think there is a particulary need to phisically split the distribution, various zope subpackages are already quite independent from each other, but a simple naming of "layers" of the entiere framework could be helpful to describe to a beginner how to approach to a given problem, and a set of instance installation scripts that will create the base for it.

Exactly. I hope to see three kinds of tutorials and books: one set about using the component architecture, one set about using the application server, and one set about the CMS. I believe all three layers are already complex enough to write a whole book about each one, and the methods of using each layer already seem quite different. Thus choosing names for the layers, and choosing what software goes in what layer, would be quite beneficial for documentation authors.

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