On Mar 20, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Tom Dossis wrote:

Tom Dossis wrote:
Gary Poster wrote:

Use the ones in zc.catalog.catalogindex.py instead: they do the necessary mixing-in for zope.app.catalog friendliness, without a patch.
Looks like I missed it - thank you.
The purpose of the patch was to convert documentCount & workCount to methods for the advanced view.
I'll try it out.

Turns out I was using zc.catatlog.catalogindex.SetIndex and the patch was to convert the above attributes to methods. From memory they were showing up as repr's in the advanced catalog page. Maybe there was a way to achieve this via zcml?

Just looked into this. They are not methods, they are callables: BTrees.Length.Length objects return their values when called. The indexes comply with the zope.index interfaces, and in fact are tested to do so. That said, you and Thierry are quite right that they do not display correctly in the advanced catalog view. We don't use it, so I didn't care.

I just added the necessary security declarations to make this work. Unfortunately I had to reach out of the package to make a security declaration on BTrees.Length.Length.__call__; this is a bit ugly, and ideally we'd address this sometime.

svn up to get the necessary changes.


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