Hi Jurgen! This is excellent news. Thank you for this work! I will also look at the code to see what I can do to contribute. I think it would be great for you to post an announcement to the SQLAlchemy list. There are folks there in tune with core SQLAlchemy code that may also be able to offer advice or recommendations. I also hope that folks like Brian, Florent and Sidnei will take time to review the code. Many thanks for your efforts!


j.kartnaller wrote:
Hi all.

As promised I set up a repository with my SQLAlchemy integration work.

Actually it works under my test cases.

The main part is the integration of the transaction process into zope so that it is transparent to the user. Someone with more SQLAlchemy experience should have a look at the data manager.
I'm not completely sure if it is correctly integrated into the tpc process.
There are a lot of open issues mentioned in TODO.txt

The tests pass by using sqlite.
I did a short test with MySQL which only worked with InnoDB tables.

For a simple use I added a container class which is able to show objects mapped to a SQLAlchemy table.
See the demo in demo/zalchemy.

For the use of the ZCML directives see zalchemy/tests/test_directives.py and the demo.

Checkout with :
svn co svn://svn.kartnaller.at .


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