Let's first see if it works as expected.
I really have no idea if it is usefull for full blown applications.

I only tested my use cases, we'll see what happens if someone else uses it.

Since the repository is online I did a lot of changes and impovements
and I'm constantly working on.

I'm now starting to use it within my new application.


David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Jurgen! This is excellent news. Thank you for this work! I will also
> look at the code to see what I can do to contribute.

That's why it's public available :)

  I think it would
> be great for you to post an announcement to the SQLAlchemy list. There
> are folks there in tune with core SQLAlchemy code that may also be able
> to offer advice or recommendations.

Actually there seems to be a change on the way related to the
transaction management in sqlalchemy which I would appreciate.

 I also hope that folks like Brian,
> Florent and Sidnei will take time to review the code. Many thanks for
> your efforts!
> Regards,
> David
> j.kartnaller wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> As promised I set up a repository with my SQLAlchemy integration work.
>> Actually it works under my test cases.
>> The main part is the integration of the transaction process into zope
>> so that it is transparent to the user.
>> Someone with more SQLAlchemy experience should have a look at the data
>> manager.
>> I'm not completely sure if it is correctly integrated into the tpc
>> process.
>> There are a lot of open issues mentioned in TODO.txt
>> The tests pass by using sqlite.
>> I did a short test with MySQL which only worked with InnoDB tables.
>> For a simple use I added a container class which is able to show
>> objects mapped to a SQLAlchemy table.
>> See the demo in demo/zalchemy.
>> For the use of the ZCML directives see
>> zalchemy/tests/test_directives.py and the demo.
>> Checkout with :
>> svn co svn://svn.kartnaller.at .
>> Jürgen
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