An alternative to including addresses in the ICompany/IPerson schemas would be to use Annotations. And you might also consider using a relational database. For me, the "add an Address Object" notion does not make much sense - either the address fields are part of the IPerson and ICompany schemas or they are not.


Jachin Rupe wrote:
hi there

I have another "zope theory" question. I am working on designing a application in zope. I've been looking at a lot of examples and I am wondering how people are implementing different types of relationships between different persistent objects.

For instance I am going to be doing a lot with addresses. Naturally it would be nice to have persistent Address class. Then I would say that a Person has an Address and a Company has an Address.

My two different ideas are as follows:

1. Make Person and and Company containers that can each contain an Address. I don't really like this idea because it seems like container objects are for things like folders. This could be the best way though and I'm just not zoppie enough yet.

2. Add an Object for the Address to the schema for IPerson and ICompany (assuming I only need one address) or a List / Dict (if I want more than one address for each person or company). I like this idea better but I have yet to see any examples where someone does that which is making me a little nervous. Among other things I'd like to be able to see what happens when "addform"s and "editform"s get generated for things like this or at least be assured that's the way it is supposed to work.

I just got my very own copies of the "Zope 3 Developers Handbook" and "Web Component Development with Zope 3" (I'd suggest these books to anyone by the way). I have given each a once over as well as looking at lots of shorter tutorials / examples online and have not noticed any example projects doing anything like my second idea.

So in your answer please feel free to point out something in either of those books (I may have missed) or refer me to some other online example where something like this is going on.


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