Gary Poster wrote:
> Checking in the code is an assertion of provenance/license: for
> instance, I wouldn't have known about the Plone code, which is
> potentially a problem because of GPL vs. ZPL (see below).
Hold-off on checking-in jsmin.  The original author of the packer has
not decided whether allow us a BSD-ish license or ZPL.
> Wanna get commit privileges? :-)  It's the easiest way for you to
> assert the code's status.
Can't at the moment.  My note to Benji explains.  Maybe after I see the
new contributor agreement...
>>> - putting them in a namespace?
>> Probably a good idea.  If it was only one... well, but I do seem to have
>> gotten prolific. :)
> :-)
>> Go for it (on whichever namespace gets decided).  These three projects,
>> I feel a need to reiterate, need zope.paste and Paste.Deploy (or a
>> similar stack), to use with zope3, so deprecating zc.resourcelibrary may
>> not be a good idea until more folks are on-board with the wsgi filters
>> idea.
> I think the project is on board with wsgi.  paste is maybe not as
> mainstream in the Zope world yet, so yes, maybe we need to let that
> settle out.  If there are no issues with the paste-based version,
> though, I'd like zc to use it.
No further issues.  There is some code from Python Cookbook (Python
License, presumably, and presumably acceptable) but the rest is
substantially mine.
>> gzipper and jsmin really have no particular ties to zope at all,
>> except that I used Zope3 for developing them, and they probably work OK
>> in Zope3 as a consequence. (PS. er, actually, the packer in jsmin came
>> from Plone.)
> eek!  GPL can't go in  Do you know what the license is to
> that particular component?
Of course, I went "eek!" first when Balazs wanted to include the packer
in jsonserver / concatresource when it was GPL.  This will be handled in
a most appropriate and satisfactory manner.
> With the caveats above, sounds great. :-)
Good.  You will find that my code has the very liberal Academic Free
License referenced.  If you need different, I will be happy to relicense.

-Jim Washington

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