I am a little unclear into which object I should add the nextURL method.

In myclass/browser/configure.zcml I have addMenuItem and addForm directives. I have tried adding the nextURL method to the class specified in the 'class' parameter of the addForm directive. That does not work.

Stephan replied that the zope.app.form classes is where to override the nextURL method, but where do I fit a zope.app.form instance into my configuration?



Cliff Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This is an example mextURL function that I used to add a folder
containing a page, and then go to the folder. Going to the page is just
an addition to the last line.



def nextURL(self):

""" This function is called for redirection after folder creation.
We can use it to fill out metadata collected from a custom add

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