Fred Drake wrote:
On 5/12/06, Cliff Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

This is an example mextURL function that I used to add a folder
containing a page, and then go to the folder. Going to the page is just
an addition to the last line.

This is very confusing.  Why are you creating new content in
nextURL()?  Shouldn't that happen in the create() method?

I wanted to collect in one form all the information needed to create a folder, an index.html page template and custom menu in one go. I found this worked very well in Zope 2.

There is a custom form, and its support class contains just a nextURL function. I just found that a convenient location to create the additional objects in the folder. It all works nicely as required. There may be a better way to do it - and I am open to suggestions as I am relatively new to Zope 3 too. My example can seen and downloaded from:

although I accidentally introduced some bugs and have not uploaded the latest version yet.

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