On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 09:15:22AM +0000, Reinhold Strobl wrote:


> Thanks for your reply, but I have looked on ZEO - however: this technology 
> only
> allows a seperation of application from the concrete storage. But what I am
> looking for is I want to seperate the application tier itself. For instance, I
> have got two utility components serving different functionality. But I want to
> distribute those components among two servers, but they should stay reachable
> from each other...

Why not using ZeO + two Zope servers in front of it that both provide all
the functionality? You can put a proxy server (don't forget to switch off
the cache) in front of them. This proxy server then examines all request's urls
and forwards them to the server resposible for the requested functionality.

Remember: It's always better to have two identical systems and use it
differently than to have two different systems.


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