On Friday 02 June 2006 03:57, Jeff Rush wrote:
> > I would always write a skin from scratch.
> That's a lot of work, to fully cover all the needs of the ZMI, error pages
> etc.  Besides, I thought one benefit of the layers facility is that you can
> keep most of a skin and only implement what you want different, similar to
> the idea of subclassing.  If you're going to write your skin from scratch,
> you might as well keep it in one layer, it seems.  Or am I missing the
> purpose of layers?

The point is that I am not interesting in supporting the ZMI at all. I have no 
use for users or developers to ever use the ZMI. In fact, basing my skin on 
the ZMI is bad because it provides all those URLs I (a) do not have control 
over -- thus being a security risk, and (b) are not needed and make the 
system slower.

> What I was aiming for was to keep the ZMI look/feel the way it is now, so I
> don't have to grok all the intricacies, and then to provide a non-ZMI skin
> for the customer.  It doesn't seem to work that way though.

Right, making the ZMI skin flexible and pluggable enough is much more work 
then developing a skin from scratch. And then there is always the benefit 
that you know what's available and what permissions are required for thise 
available pages, which was something that was really important in my last 

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