Michael Dexter wrote:
> My question is thus very naive: what is the ++xyz++ and @@xyz syntax and
> can it be avoided?


The following are normally all equivalent..


This presumes that you've configured (normally via zcml) a (Browser)View
class named 'edit.html'.

If in a particular circumstance, 'content' is a container object which
contains an object with the name (id) 'edit.html', then you can
explicitly distinguish between this object and the named view
'edit.html' using the 'view' namespace.

Look at the inline doc. in zope/traversal/namespace.py for more info
about the (very useful) 'namespace' traversal in zope3.

> Skin variables in URL would be great during development but suggest that
> the user can make skin selection.

I guess the user can make their own skin selection via the url.  This
presumes the user has permission to access that skin.  To disable the
url selection of the skin I 'guess' you'd need to override (knock out)
the  ++skin++ namespace traversal (sorry I can't help you with this one).

 Keep in mind I have no idea if
> ++thisskin++ is required as I cannot find the aforementioned explanation
> of that syntax. If @@ is for inspection, is this something the public
> can/should do? Security issues?

The introspector.html view (adapter) isn't configured with public
access.  Also you'll find the url/@@introspector.html and
url/introspector.html normally both work as described above.

> If my Zope2 site uses http://worldcookery.com/About and my Zope3 site
> uses http://worldcookery.com/++kewlskin++About then the existing links
> are presumably dead or inaccurate.

In practice you would specify your desired skin (to override) in your
$INSTANCE/etc/overrides.zcml file.  Or you could even wire in the
++skin++ into your (apache) rewrite rules.

> Happy to once I "get it" but alas, I still don't. I do sincerely
> appreciate Zope's overall use of precise terminology but that
> terminology must be spelled out very carefully in layman's terms if you
> are to not frustrate the uninitiated.

You can always try this mail list if the books and/or zope3 doco. isn't

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