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My question is thus very naive: what is the ++xyz++ and @@xyz syntax
and can it be avoided?

You are right, it's very hard to find the answer to that, mainly
because google of course will ignore if you search for just ++ or @@.
If you on the other hand serach for ++etc++ you get loads of
irrellevant matches. "what is ++etc++ ++resource++" will give you an
answer. In German. :)

We need a Zope3 FAQ where things like this can be put, because the
answer is simple: They are namespaces.

If my Zope2 site uses http://worldcookery.com/About and my Zope3 site
uses http://worldcookery.com/++kewlskin++About then the existing
links are presumably dead or inaccurate.

Not at all. And your Zope3 site typically will not use ++kewlskin++ in
any publicly visible url. @@ pops up, though. I don't like that
either, but I haven't used plain zope3 enough to bother enough about
getting rid of it.

That is not a Zope3 convention. Simply every link to a pre-Zope3 site
that may have ++'s and @@'s injected into existing, known URL's when
the move is made to Zope3. See the above example.

You are now talking about something that is so wildly hypothetical
that it really isn't of any particular interest. Zope2 sites does not
as of today "moved" to Zope3. They are *reimplemented*.

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