On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 12:39:34PM -0500, mats.nordgren wrote:
> I'm totally clueless as how to get a dict widget to work.
> class IMyObject(Interface):
>   mydict = Dict(
>     title=u'My Dict',
>     key_type=TextLine(),
>     value_type=Int())
> I see in zope.app.form.browser the config file has no view defined for IDict
> and ?IField?.  Is it just a matter of configuring a view or do I also need to
> make a custom widget.

AFAIK there's no Dict widget in zope.

> Any help appreciated,

You could wait until tomorrow when I'm back @work. I wrote 3 widgets:
   * a generic dict widget (*:*)
   * a choice dict widget (IChoice:*) which will remove elements already
     used as keys from a given vocabulary.
   * a language dict widget (ILanguageChoice:*) which is for providing
     an arbitrary number of language versions of something.

Additionally I wrote a a fixed Dict-class. The zope one (zope.schema.Dict)
is broken and doesn't bind the key_type correctly.


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