Jim Washington wrote:
This is probably a bit premature, but I have been doing some thinking about reordering/batching of large sets.

My current (not-quite-ready-for-prime-time) solution involves factoradics, and I have done a bit of a write-up on my blog, http://blog.hill-street.net/?p=5 .

I don't have time to read your article right now, but I will do so later. I'm quite interested in making the presentation of tabular data scale better. Right now, zc.table excepts to have access to the whole list in order to sort and batch it, but with huge amounts of data this may not scale so well. Relational databases have limit queries that seem to help here, though I'm not sure how much optimization is happening on the backend level.

Anyway, just wanted to register my interest in this topic, if indeed I understand you correctly.


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